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Mortgage Lenders

Real Estate Attorneys

Real Estate Attorneys


Lynn Knox

Movement Mortgage


Phyllis Cheong



Real Estate Attorneys

Real Estate Attorneys

Real Estate Attorneys


Elizabeth Thompson

Rubnitz Thompson Ziblut 


Joel Gerber

Brannen, Searcy & Smith 


Home Inspectors

Real Estate Attorneys

Landscape Services


GMM Inspections - Gary Moore 


AHI Inspections - Brett Rattner




Landscape Services

Landscape Services

Landscape Services

Art Elkins

Art's Landscaping


William Wallace

Green Visions


Kent King

King's Pride


Landscape Services

 This listing is intended as a sampling as there are many local professionals who offer their services in conjunction with real estate transactions...we encourage you to call us for more information or additional referrals, or ask your friends and neighbors for references as well. 


Sell Your Home Fast!

Tips for Maximizing Your Home's Value

Every Seller wants to get top dollar for their home.  And, here's a few tips to make that happen!

Make your home available for every showing appointment that is requested, and follow these simple showing rules to get the most out of your time and your home:

  • Ensure all miscellaneous items are picked up and neatly put away
  • Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!
  • If needed, re-paint with neutral colors
  • Straighten any crooked pictures
  • Set your table with nice dinner ware or add a centerpiece to your dining room table
  • Remove all magnets and any other items on your refrigerator
  • Wash any dirty dishes and put them away
  • Hang bath towels neatly and clear all bathroom counter tops of any toiletries and medications
  • Close the toilet lids
  • Make your bed
  • Maintain a tidy exterior free of excessive seasonal decor
  • Clean your front and back porches and re-paint your front door if needed
  • Open all window blinds to let the sunshine in!

Not sure where to start? Call me!

Staging your home for success can be a daunting task!  I offer FREE, professional consultations on how to get the most from your home.  Feel free to call me!